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The nature of learning


to Terranora preschool & Early Learning

The nature of learning

Terranora Preschool and Early Learning is an independent, family-owned and operated preschool and early learning service for children from 6 weeks up to 6 years. We are a local family of passionate educators and our experience and knowledge comes from years of teaching and guiding children through all levels of their education.

Our aim is to teach and guide your child to have a love and passion for the natural world in which we live. We encourage your child to be interactive, to immerse themselves in a more unique experience, and to value the exquisite nature that surrounds them.

Open Monday – Friday

6:30am to 6:00pm

Ages from

6 weeks up to 6 years

Onsite Chef

for nutritionally balanced meals

It takes a Village…

Our skilled team create intentional play-based teaching to meet the individual needs of your child. We offer a unique, holistic and nurturing approach, operating on a strengths and interest based model creating meaningful experiences for your child while they spend time with us.

Our staff our carefully chosen for their qualifications, skills and most importantly, their care and commitment. Through quiet but resolute determination we have forged our own path where the needs of the children in our care are at the forefront.

our rooms

Wattle Babies

6 weeks to 2 years

The Wattle Babies room is a warm, safe and nurturing place making the environment feel home like. Educators support each child’s individual routine and are responsive to their needs.

Desert Peas

18 months to 2.5 years

In the Desert Pea room there is a huge focus on forming strong, nurturing relationships with the children. The program implemented prioritises the children’s interest and developmental needs.

Lilly Pillies

2-3 years

In the Lilly Pilly room children are nurtured to foster their confidence to form relationships and a sense of self. Educators balance their emerging independence while building on their self-help skills.

Gum Trees

3-4 years

Gum Trees is the first step into the preschool domain where educators encourage and support children by nurturing their confidence, resilience and independence to grow and be ready for the Waratah room.


4-6 years

In the Waratah preschool room, educators get to know individual children’s interests, strengths, needs and challenges. Using this information, educators plan play-based experiences and learning opportunities, that suit not only their interests, but also their diverse learning styles.