our early learning & preschool educators

Our educators are our greatest strength.

Educators choose to work at Terranora Preschool and Early Learning because they want to be part of a highly valued, respected and professional team that supports work/life balance for its educators.

It is for this reason that most of our educators have been with us for 10 years or more. Our team is family.



Working in early childhood brings me so much happiness and joy. It is rewarding to see the children grow and flourish while they are in our care.

I have been a part of the Terranora Preschool and Early Learning team since 2014 and thoroughly enjoy coming here every day to work with these amazing children and the team.

Maria’s focus is on the organisational success of Terranora Preschool and Early Learning and unlocking educational opportunities for our children, families and people. Maria’s main focus is on streamlining all systems at Terranora Preschool and Early Learning, whilst supporting and maintaining relationships with families and their children.

“It is crucial that strong, trusting, reciprocal relationships are built with families, children and staff.”


Educational Leader

The role of Educational Leader at Terranora Preschool and Early Learning is largely concerned with ensuring that the service continues to deliver outstanding educational programs for children. This entails engagement with children and families, as well as offering professional support for educators. Veronica spends time in each of the environments, assisting educators in planning and implementing exceptional learning experiences. Veronica supports educators in decision making processes regarding their programs and acts as a mentor for educators who are developing their skills.

Veronica leads the collaborative process of developing and implementing our service’s Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). Her professional interests include curriculum and pedagogy, behaviour guidance, and advocacy for children and early childhood educators.

our educators


My career in the Early Childhood sector has been a journey of 30 years, with the past 8 years at Terranora. It continues to be rewarding, with each day representing wonder and delight as I create a safe, nurturing environment for the young children attending this service. I have educated all age groups from babies through to school age, knowing my guidance and love assists each individual child to be a confident and involved learner. My passion for caravanning, travel and exploring Australia is an important part of my life.


I started working at Terranora in 2019 and I have recently completed my Diploma of Early Childhood and Education. Whilst working at Terranora not only have I grown as a person but my confidence has developed. Working with children is the most rewarding job, building strong and secure attachments as they achieve their milestones. The team at Terranora are caring, supportive and always welcoming with smiles on their faces which makes coming to work a pleasure. It is always a fun, happy and safe environment to be in.


I have been working at Terranora since the beginning of 2022. I am currently studying my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care whilst doing my Traineeship. I strive to make the children feel comfortable and welcome by creating an inviting environment where children come to grow and learn and are respected each day. I enjoy interacting with the children through play, song and movement. It’s very fulfilling knowing I am a significant part of their early learning journey here at Terranora.


I started my career in childcare at Terranora in 2012 after completing my certificate III in early childhood. My goal when I come to work is to provide the children with a safe, secure and welcoming environment when entering their learning space. A sense of belonging plays a huge part in a child’s life and having the opportunity to provide this for children and families, daily makes me proud to be an educator here at Terranora.


As a professional early childhood educator with 30 years of experience, I could quickly tell you what I do, and how I do it. However, I would rather tell you WHY I do it. I believe that children who begin their education in a learning environment that is vibrant, purposeful, challenging and supportive, stand the best chance of developing into confident and successful life-long learners. Within my chosen vocation of early childhood education and care, my aim is to ensure that all children will attain their individual, optimal potential as human beings.

Terranora Preschool and Early Learning is open
6:30am to 6:00pm, 51 weeks each year.

Terranora Preschool and Early Learning is open 6:30am to 6:00pm, 51 weeks each year.