I was so apprehensive of sending my child into care however unfortunately due to family circumstances I had to look at daycare. From the minute I walked in the staff were so welcoming. The process of orientation made me feel so relaxed that I knew I was making the right choice. Fast forward 3 years later, I am so happy with my choice of care for my son he absolutely loves going there. The educators and staff are so friendly and welcoming.

They really love the children and are so invested in their wellbeing which is really heart-warming. I love listening to the things he learns at daycare and watching his friendships blossom with the other children.

Could not recommend this place enough.

– kelly

Our children have been going to Terranora Preschool and Early Learning for over four years and we can’t recommend it enough. The educators are caring, respectful and many of them have been there for a long time, which provides stability and gives the kids an opportunity to build strong connections. The kids are always outside, playing, exploring and engaging in meaningful activities, which I love. We knew from the first trial session with my daughter four years ago that this was the place we wanted our kids to go and we are still extremely happy with the service they provide.

– steph

My boys have been to Terranora through every room and have loved every second. The staff are so caring and treat every child with respect and love.

Could not recommend it enough!

– gemma

Terranora Preschool and Early Learning is like a second family to our children and us. We have been a part of the community for the last 6 years, with our daughter starting first and our son following. The educators treat the children so warmly and encourage them to be the best versions of themselves. We watched our daughter go from a shy little girl to a confident, outgoing and kind sweetheart, with their guidance and encouragement. We cannot wait and see what comes with our son. We highly recommend Terranora Preschool and Early Learning and only have the kindest of words to say about every single educator, they are all truly amazing!

– jenna

Terranora Preschool and Early Learning is open
6:30am to 6:00pm, 51 weeks each year.

Terranora Preschool and Early Learning is open 6:30am to 6:00pm, 51 weeks each year.