For Children

Terranora Preschool and Early Learning is a place where children are nurtured and loved. Our centre has an inviting, caring and friendly atmosphere where every child is supported to be a capable and confident learner. Here, children’s independence and resilience are promoted, encouraging them to have a voice and to feel valued.

For Families

The most influential teachers in a child’s journey are their family, and at Terranora Preschool and Early Learning we encourage an active engagement in your child’s early learning journey. We respect that a child’s first experiences and interactions will shape their early knowledge of themselves and the world around them, recognising that each child and family is unique. With this foremost in our interactions we will diligently build continuity of care, share all relevant information, and utilise information shared to inform programming and planning. Ultimately, we aim to work in partnership with families to encourage shared decision making and continual growth of the children in our care.

For Educators

Taking the time to nurture children whilst getting to know them as individuals is an important step to building trust and a bond of mutual respect. Our educators assist children to take the next step in their learning and developmental journey, then celebrate in their achievements alongside them, drawing on a diverse range of skills and knowledge to create a learning environment that is stimulating, fun, enriching and an inspiring place for children to be. We pride ourselves on our high professional standard and consider continuous improvement paramount. We continually review, and critically reflect on our practices, in conjunction with life-long learning and collaboration with families.

For Partnerships

We consider everyone in our service community to be part of the TP&EL family. We acknowledge the diversity of families and the wider community and embed this diversity into our curriculum. Our educators and management team are approachable, committed to open communication and always willing to collaborate to reach common goals. We place high value on community and always endeavour to seek ways to connect with our local and wider community. Our aim is to foster a sense of belonging and connections for children to become active contributors within the community. Building and maintaining strong and trusting relationships is always a priority at our service. It is the quality of our relationships that makes us who we are as a community.

For Country

We recognise the importance of connecting with nature and embed sustainable practices and learning within the centre. We actively foster children’s connection to Country, intentionally teaching the skills and knowledge to respect, maintain and care for our Country. We are responsible for our environment and seek to embed sustainable practices within the centre.

For Inclusion

We provide an inclusive and creative environment which stimulates opportunities, individual interest, decisions and interactions. The environment is thoughtfully designed to promote the uniqueness, diversity and individuality of each child, along with fostering risk taking, self-regulation and the development of resilience.

Terranora Preschool and Early Learning is open
6:30am to 6:00pm, 51 weeks each year.

Terranora Preschool and Early Learning is open 6:30am to 6:00pm, 51 weeks each year.